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Thursday, April 18th, 2019 – NWP – Meeting Update

 Sorry I didn’t get this out sooner…my brain needed some additional recovery time from Tax Season!

Today was a “get to know you” meeting and was very cool to find out how much many of us have in common outside of our business personas!

First, we scheduled our first Social Get Together at Dave and Busters for lunch on Monday, May 6th at 11:30. Can’t wait!

Then we shared something personal that none of us know about each other.

Faith started us off with her alter-ego of being a “sewist”. As Shannon noted, we all learned a new word today, because “seamstress” is (apparently) outmoded.

Turns out that Jay was a tailor’s apprentice in his youth. Jeff also sewed in his youth. And Karen was taught sewing to “catch a good man” by her grandmother.

So, perhaps we should have a Networking Partners Quilting Bee! Just kidding.

Joe was a semi-pro racquetball player and still plays and strings his own (an for the right price, others’) racquets, including tennis but NOT badminton!

Michelle said she would save her sewing story for another day, but instead shared her love of fishing and cleaning fish (seriously?!) from her youth. You go girl!

Shannon was a Cutco salesperson in her youth, and still has a set of these amazing knives from when she was selling them in high school. She explained why they have curved points and how best to use them. Great info and great product!

Robin still installs central vacuum systems. He explained (in much detail) how he gets into the walls without making a mess.

What an interesting group we are! Thanks to all for sharing…

See you on Thursday May 2nd.


Thursday, April 4th, 2019 – NWP – Meeting Update

I loved our meeting today because it was all about us, the members of the group!We have been schooled on the history of the group by the founder, Jay Soto (De Soto and Company), and today we brainstormed about how each of us sees our group, why we keep coming back, and what we would say to someone we wanted to introduce to the group (and vice versa).

 We discussed other networking groups we have attended and what makes us different, and I think, special!

 Michelle Bohannon (De Soto and Company) did what she does so well and listened to each of us and then shared that we mentioned basically all our Core Concepts! So, great job Jay, we have been listening to you.

What we said:

·      We value the relationships

·      We appreciate learning from other business people

·      We like that we aren’t selling to each other

·      We know that this takes time and are willing to spend it on and with each other

While this wonderful sharing was going on, Joe Phillips (Smart Technology Solutions) did what he does best…problem solve! He drafted an “info-minute” or elevator speech for the group, right there and then. Awesome! Check it out at

Also, check out Shannon Goins’ Facebook page (Pain & Swelling Solutions) for a series of free talks about the lymphatic system and how we can live better by understanding it!

Can’t wait to see what we do next! See you on Thursday April 18th.


Thursday, March 21st, 2019 – NWP – Meeting Update March 21st , 2019 NetworkingPartners.Org – Meeting update

Welcome to March Madness, where here in the Land of Enchantment that means that yesterday we wore short sleeves and today we are wearing coats again!

Today we heard from our Focus Member Robin Orga, who is an Enrolled Agent representing clients in from of the IRS in all 50 states and U.S. Territories. Robin is a very caring and creative man who listens to his clients’ financial situations and helps them fix their tax filing issues so they can sleep again! He shared several complex and interesting “hero stories” where he saved his clients many thousands of dollars owed. Great job Robin!

Our fearless leader Jay rolled out the new website which is very cool and easy to navigate. Each of our member photos links to our own webpages where we can learn more about each other’s businesses, as can folks not in our group. We can report our one-on-one meetings and leads/referrals/introductions here as well. Check it out and learn more about our group!  

We continue to brainstorm how to build our group, so come with your ideas, and your guests!

See you on Thursday April 4th.


Thursday, March 7th, 2019  – NWP – Meeting Update

Busy-busy-busy…Several of our members were busy and could not attend. . . Mazel Tov!

We had two guests at today’s meeting.

Robin Orga – Moss & Riggs, PLLC was our designated Focused Partner Speaker for today; since we did not have quorum, we postponed his speaking to our next meeting on March 21st.

Guest- Valerie Meier – big and Carlos Lima – Liberty Mutual shared all about their businesses.

We are all looking forward to Faith and Robin’s plans for our social.

Michelle & Jay advised having finished their latest 5-week volunteering activity with Junior Achievement.

Even though attendance was light, the meeting was very enjoyable, and all had a good time!

Cheer to all and let’s see you on the 21st…… Cheers!


Thursday, February 21, 2019 – NWP – Meeting update

Apparently, the best part of our meeting today was discussing the best Led Zeppelin songs and albums! Wait…what kind of networking group is this?!?! Answer: an “out of the box” fun one…

Our member speaker was Karen Delle Site, Consistent Powerful Advocate (CPA) who shared insights into the new tax laws as well as why she loves helping small businesses understand and use their numbers to better run their businesses. Thankfully, she didn’t put anyone to sleep talking taxes, so it was a good day for all.

Faith and Robin’s “task force” brought some great ideas for a social gathering which we will be pursuing over the summer, so stay tuned!

We are still brainstorming how to build our group, so come with your ideas, and your guests!

See you on Thursday March 7th . . . . . . Cheers!


Thursday, February 7, 2019 – NWP – Meeting update

We had a wonderful turnout today, thanks to all for coming!

Our guest speaker was Charla Simpson with OsteoStrong. Her company helps people with strength and balance issues to retrain their neuroreceptors to react more quickly under physical stress, which helps with osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes. I probably didn’t explain this perfectly, but that was what I learned about it, so I hope it is close! We hope she will come back to visit again and ultimately join us!

Dr. Geoffrey N. Hayes DOM, C.SMA joined us again. Great to see you Geoff!

Shannon Goins, CLT, LMT, MA is now a member, welcome Shannon! Be sure to schedule your one-on one meeting with Shannon, as she has generously offered to show you what she does, so sign up online at         And don’t forget to like her Facebook page and share the news of her pain management work.

Joe Phillips of Smart Technology Solutions has also joined, welcome Joe! Be sure to schedule a one-on-one to find out more about what his company does, and visit the website at

Our member speaker was our fearless leader Jesus (Jay) Soto with DeSoto & Company. He shared his process of meeting with clients and learning about their financial situations as well as their plans and dreams for their futures, in order to help them design a plan that supports them throughout their life. Great info Jay, thank you for sharing. When is it Michelle’s turn?
Faith and Robin are working on the “task force” to further explore having a social gathering regularly (monthly or quarterly) that could be moved between members and would allow us to get to know each other better and invite folks that could benefit from our group. Anyone who hasn’t responded to Faith’s request for ideas (ME!) please do so as soon as possible so we can move forward!

We are still brainstorming how to build our group, so come with your ideas, and your guests!

See you on Thursday February 21st.. . . . . . .Cheers!