About NWP

01. Our Vision Statement

To be composed of energetic, community-service-minded business professionals who will help each other’s businesses grow while giving back to their communities.

02. Our Mission Statement

To meet as planned, share a meal, converse about members business concerns and continuously learn about other members’ characters, goals and business philosophies and needs.

NetworkingPartners.Org (NWPis the only business networking organization that empowers members to build chapters around professional groupings that move their business forward.

  • No more stacks of business cards! NWP works because members learn about each other’s businesses and share contacts that are targeted to each member’s business needs and goals;
  • Quarterly, the chapter participates in a Community Involvement activity;
  • A different member is the Focus Member at each meeting;
  • Members also meet for periodic One-on-Ones to build deeper business connections and friendship;
  • The Chapter meets regularly to share a meal, exchange ideas and contacts;

    NWP brings together professionals with a shared vision of success and a commitment to NWP’s Core Concepts.

    Participation in NWP is by invitation; a completed and approved application is necessary. NWP does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, origin and/or sexual orientation.

    Proven Success

    Code of Ethics

    Group Members agree and commit to:

    • Adhere to professional standards of conduct, holding their professions in high esteem and striving to enhance their profession’s prestige;
    • Maintain clients’ confidence and render exemplary service to the Leads, Referrals, and Introductions they are granted; 
    • Continuously earn the privilege of receiving Leads, Referrals, and Introductions from fellow members and treat all clients with respect and consideration;
    • Accept constructive feedback, opinions, and insights from fellow group members with a receptive and respectful attitude.
    • Uphold civil and professional standards of conduct worthy of NetworkingPartners.Org groups, our Members, and the Communities in which we live and work.